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Technology Licensing

Atlas Carbon, LLC can make it easy to create the activated carbon you need to manage your air and water quality.  


We provide:

  • Turnkey solutions.

  • Design, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of activated carbon production facilities at your location.   (or any combination)

  • Designed to use your local feedstocks to produce the activated carbon.  Solve more than one problem by consuming local waste streams such as coconut shells, waste wood, rice husks, corn cobs.   Any source of carbon is a potential feedstock.

  • Scaled to the size and application appropriate for your need.

  • Assistance with financing.

Technology is the foundation of our business.  Enabling affordable access to the materials required to create clean air and clean water is our aspiration.  Let us help you create a cleaner and healthier world.

The PFC (Pneumatic Flash Calciner) is a new approach to calcination that reduces capital and production costs. The PFC is

Faster, simpler, and easier to operate than competing processes

Showcases unparalleled consistency & yields precisely repeatable results

Appreciably less costly than other technology yielding similar output

Decreases plant size for rapid installation

Allows expansion performed incrementally based on market demands 

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