The Pneumatic Flash Calciner

Our Patented Next-Generation Process

Our Technology
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Developed over decades, advancing science and engineering, the Atlas Pneumatic Flash Calcination (PFC) process is transformative for carbon activation. The process is fast.  

It produces high purity, highly activated, high yield finished products.

Our technology puts more of your product to work by maximizing adsorption

potential because it delivers a micropore ratio near 90%. 

The PFC (Pneumatic Flash Calciner) is a new approach to calcination that reduces capital and production costs. The PFC is

Faster, simpler, and easier to operate than competing processes

Showcases unparalleled consistency & yields precisely repeatable results

Appreciably less costly than other technology yielding similar output

Decreases plant size for rapid installation

Allows expansion performed incrementally based on market demands 

The PFC (Pneumatic Flash Calciner) accomplishes “flash” thermal treatment through  Flash Activation™

The PFC accepts a variety of feed materials, offering adaptability regarding the source being processed.

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Design scalability allows for units that can produce up to 4,000 pounds per hour of activated carbon

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The process of devolatilization & activation takes mere minutes


It is a highly effective solution for activation of materials finer than 20 mesh (the size of beach sand)

Beneficiated AC Production

The addition of halide and/or sulfur compounds produces  a beneficiated activated carbon product that helps oxidize some vapor phase contaminants, improving adsorption.

Thermal Treatment via Flash Activation™

The reactor has controllable helical flow zones and turbulent flow zones that can be altered in gas composition and pattern. This allows: 


  • Variation in the processing time of different sized particles

  • Larger retention times for large particles to provide a more complete activation

  • More uniform product regardless of particle size

  • Superior material flow distribution and heat transfer characteristics

The PFC Technology when compared against Multi-Hearth Furnace and Rotary Kiln Technology has significant advantages

Capital Investment: PFC Technology is the lowest capital cost activated carbon production method known

Retention Time: PFC Technology requires minutes versus hours for conventional technologies


Carbonaceous Feed Sources: PFC Technology can process Lignite Coal, Sub-bituminous Coal, and Bituminous Coal. In addition cellulosic materials such as coconut, bamboo, and various forms of woods can be utilized with tightly controlled results


PFC Technology also has lower Operating Cost, Footprint, Warm-up Time and Maintenance requirements